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The FS-2500 Bypass Filter System
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One of the foremost reasons for considering a bypass filtration system is soot removal.  Unfortunately, too few bypass filters on the market have little if any efficacy on soot removal.  The FS-2500 is the exception to that rule.  Here we have an oil analysis report from Bi State Development Agency, it was taken from a Cummins ISM engine in a Metro Transit Bus (arguably the worst environment for soot production by diesel engines). 

The FS-2500 was installed on this bus in August of 2002.   Prior to installation the soot measured 3.60%.  As you can see, after the FS-2500 was installed the soot is reduced at every oil sample taken.  The last sample, taken on February 26, 2003 shows soot at its lowest level to date: 1.50%.  That is nearly a 60% reduction in soot.  Bi State had been using centrifugal bypass filters before using the FS-2500.  Although they could see residue inside the centrifuge every time it was serviced, the maximum soot reduction they recorded in one year of use was a very disappointing 2.5%.If controlling soot in your diesel engine is important to you, you need the FS-2500.  The FS-2500…proven to remove soot!

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