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The FS-2500 Bypass Filter System
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Mack CH613 E7 454 HP

This oil sample is from James "Redeye" Stewart in Merrill, Wisconsin.  This sample has 45,000 miles on the oil.  Normally, a Mack engine would have a relatively large amount of soot in the sample at 10,000 miles.  But by using the FS-2500, Redeye's engine is showing a soot reading of 0.1 at 45,000 miles.  The viscosity at 45,000 is 13.7 which is in the correct range for 15W40 oil.  To read more about this truck and how satisfied Redeye is with the Fs-2500, go to our testimonials page.  If your Mack engine isn't this clean at 10,000 miles, don't you think you should call us?



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