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The FS-2500 Bypass Filter System
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Inside a Cummins Engine

View parts of an 855 Cummins engine after two years of use with the FS-2500.  In the last two years the oil on this engine has been changed every 800 hours.  In July, 2001 this engine dropped a valve and had to be overhauled. 
When the mechanics started the overhaul they were shocked at how clean the engine was.  As you can see, there is no sludge deposits anywhere on these parts.  After five years of use these engine parts look brand new.  The FS-2500 will keep your oil clean and stop the wear in your engine! 

Note:  None of these parts shown were touched or cleaned.  They are shown exactly as they came off of the engine
. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Head       Lower End       Rod      Oil Pan  

  Rocker Box      Rocker Box Still On Engine       Valve Cover


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