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The FS-2500 Bypass Filter System
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Filtration Solutions Worldwide, based in Olathe, Kansas, was founded out of a desire to provide diesel engine end users with a means to extend the life of their engines, while at the same time extending oil drain intervals dramatically using a bypass oil filter. After years of using inefficient existing technologies (e.g. cotton string wound, cellulose paper and cellulose synthetic blends) in 1996 we unveiled the element that we use today. This element has allowed Filtration Solutions Worldwide to do what no other lube oil filter company has been able to do, provide the diesel end user with a product that increases the life of their engines and safely extends oil drain intervals up to 6 fold by guaranteeing 3 micron filtration absolute after 60 seconds of use.

Since the inception of this element, thousands of customers in dozens of industries have used the FS-2500 bypass oil filter with great results. Shortly after the FS-2500 is installed on your truck or equipment, you too can enjoy the great results our other customers have enjoyed!

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