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The FS-2500 Bypass Filter System
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Cummins ISM

This is a sample from an Cummins ISM engine in a ready mix truck owned by Lafarge Ready Mix.  Before the FS-2500 filtration system was installed, Lafarge changed their oil every 250 hours.  Now they change the oil between 700 and 1,000 hours.  If you examine this sample, you can see that all values are in order and the lab's recommendations are normal.  Filtration Solutions Worldwide recommends that the element in the FS-2500 be changed at your normal oil drain interval (in this case 250 hours).  Lafarge has chosen to extend the element change past our recommended 250 hours and is changing the element at 400 hours.  Even though this sample is still very good, we have customers using this same engine, in the same application, that are getting 1,500 hours or more per oil change by changing the element in the FS-2500 at the recommended 250 hours.  Changing our element when your oil would normally have been changed will give the best overall performance and longest life from your oil and your engine.

We have customers tell us all the time that Caterpillar has told them that the FS-2500 will strip the additives right out of the oil, this of course is a false statement.  Included on this page is a virgin sample of Mobil Delvac 1300 Super.   Compare these additives (Magnesium, Phosphorus, Calcium and Zinc) to the ISM Cummins sample at 763 hours to see for yourself if the additives have been stripped out.

Virgin Mobile Delvac 1300 Super Oil Analysis Report:

Cummins ISM Oil Analysis Report:

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